Lease and Testify

For small-medium sized businesses, in need of a website but cannot afford one, Web Lord is a website leasing company determined get to SMBs online by giving them access to a website that is tailored to their needs even when they cannot afford it. Unlike the expensive website design fees charged by other website design companies, we lease websites thus helping new small business owners save capital and test the business without paying for a full price site.

Promote the next big event online

Promote your event the best way possible by renting a website for your event. It does’t matter if you already have a business website; All that matter is the undivided attention of potential attendees – We are about the attendee experience (AX). The event tone, energy and message can be conveyed in a dedicated website as opposed to a generic website.

Create Buzz with social media – particularly Facebook Event Page. The likes, shares and updates targeting the key audience, would create the much needed buzz. Flood social media with the event hashtag.

What we do

The Web Lord is providing an opportunity for individuals and businesses to get online with a website. You don’t have to wait for things to improve to afford a website. You can get a totally affordable custom website right now! From 10,000 naira/ month, you can start connecting with potential clients at no extra cost – WEBSITE LEASING. The Web Lord’s packages include unlimited hosting, domain name registration, business email address, fully responsive website and much more. Leasing/ renting a website from the Web Lord IS affordable, convenient and reliable. There’s no need for big cash, just low pre-agreed monthly payments – your website will pay for itself. You are sure of free weekly backup of your entire website; free website restoration in the event of any mishap; free monthly care and updates to protect you from malicious hackers. The Web Lord is responsible for the technicalities and upkeep of the website.

There is no better alternative to expensive website design fees than LEASING a website. If you doubt you need a website, just lease to test. Hit the ground running with your website. Put your products and services before a new audience.